Did Henry Cavill get rehired as Superman?

Did Henry Cavill get rehired as Superman?

Did Henry Cavill get rehired as Superman?

With Superman’s legacy already having a date on the DCU calendar, things are moving rather fast according to everything we’re hearing and even some official news from James Gunn. So let’s talk about what is happening with the casting of the Man of Steel, or should we say the Kid of Steel, and just what exactly they’re looking for. Close. Okay,

so this report came out at first, I believe, from Jeff Snyder, but then there’s been more added to it from little pieces here or there that are sort of just out there. What we’re hearing is that it’s an open casting call, meaning any color, any ethnicity, any background. 

So you could be looking at a potential of a Hispanic Superman, if that’s the best choice, or a person of color, or just a straight-up all-American kid, depending on who’s the best in the audition. And it seems like that that’s still very much what they’re going for. And nobody and not even James Gunn has come out and said anything against this.

Did Henry Cavill get rehired as Superman?

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 So it does sound like it’s definitely an open-casting call on top of this. Now we have a little bit more details in regards to the age range. And again, this started with Jeff Snyder first saying that they’re looking for somebody in their mid 20s, around 26 ish optimally to cast to begin the movie.

So by the time the film is out, you’re looking at somebody that’s like By the time they’re in another project or another film in their early 30s, this again checks out, and it does make sense. So in my opinion, I’m okay with all of this. I think you need a younger Superman, naturally. You don’t want to cast somebody that’s like 39, 40, which is why they’re not going with Cavill anymore.

 They’re looking for somebody that’s younger that could probably go 10, 15, 20 years if they need them to the Marvel Studios model of sign them up young and then, well, you own them, essentially. That’s what Marvel Studios does.

 We’re not going to sit here and say that they don’t at the same time, the whole ethnicity thing, I see why some people would be upset, but he’s an alien from Krypton, so let’s just let them find the best actor. I’m going to bring up Robert Patson again.

Yeah, he’s still white. American Bruce Wayne. Right. Remember all the hate for him. They could find somebody that’s really good, that embodies everything they need, that’s possible, I don’t know,

of American Asian descent or something. You go, you know what? That’s the best choice right there. So if that’s what happens, let’s just wait and see and then we’ll talk about it when it happens. I just want to see what the whole cast looks like and what they’re going for, because, to me, it’s so exciting to have a new take on Superman. It sounds like it’s going to be very much truth, justice, and a better tomorrow at its core which that’s Superman


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