Deadpool 3 Brings Back Vanessa

Colossus & Vanessa Actors comeback for Deadpool 3

Colossus & Vanessa Actors comeback for Deadpool 3

We got more good news in relation to Deadpool Three, which is set to start production this summer. Two actors that a lot of fans were worried about not returning have officially been confirmed by Deadline to be joining the cast. Vanessa herself, Marina Bacrin and Colossus himself, stefan Capichic are both returning.

You it. So it looks like they’re pretty much going to reassemble more or less everybody that they need for this return. So again, this comes as an exclusive and confirmation from Deadline, who was able to confirm that both are returning and will be in the upcoming film. Now, beyond this, again, we don’t know, but I think it’s all good news all around.

Colossus & Vanessa Actors comeback for Deadpool 3
Colossus & Vanessa Actors comeback for Deadpool 3
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 I don’t think you could honestly get a better version of Colossus on film if you tried because let’s just be real, he was perfect. You’re never going to do a better Colossus than that. And Vanessa, again, she’s the love interest of Wade. Not having her be in there would kind of I mean, it would feel hollow and weird, right? Especially with how important she is to the character.

 So I’m really excited by this because I really like both actors and it’s just good to know that we’re not going to get random recastings, even though we could have, especially with somebody like Colossus. It’s a CG character. Stefan provides the voice,

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so they didn’t really need to, but it’s good to see that he’s back. And hopefully, this means that they can stick around beyond just appearing in this film and that they can maybe just jump on over with Deadpool and Wolverine into whatever they’re planning with the bigger picture here with the multiverse.

 At least that’s my hope. But overall, really good news. I just hope that they could take some of that Marvel Studio square to how these characters look and bring that in and just make them comic accurate. Like all Colossus really needed was a more accurate suit, I would say. And you pretty much got that nail. Obviously, her character is not fully the character she is from the comics yet, but hey, maybe this is it. Maybe we finally get that all here’s.

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