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Chris Hemsworth says Next Thor film will be his Last

Chris Hemsworth says Next Thor film will be his Last

With the recent revelations in regards to Chris Hemsworth and his medical condition and the fact that he will be stepping away from acting, new reports have hit the net that his next appearance as Thor will officially be the actor’s last.

Chris Hemsworth says Next Thor film will be his Last
So things have kind of rapidly escalated to talking about everything in relation to Chris Hemsworth. That’s fair to say. The announcement that was made, obviously, was followed by interviews and statements and all sorts of things.

Everybody reporting on it. Chris Hemsworth himself, just a couple of days ago, prior to this, said he believes that Marvel Studios will kill off Thor in his next appearance, which obviously was an interview that was done right before this news came out.

But now we’re hearing that no matter what happens, Chris Hemsworth truly believes that his time as Thor is coming to an end. And he said, and many industry insiders and websites are reporting this,

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that his next Thor film will be the last Thor film regardless. This also comes off the back of what he said, that he believes that they’re going to kill off Thor or that his character might be going away or just being killed off in general, maybe in one of the Avengers films. And then the fact that he’s got this

medical diagnosis and he wants to step away and we’ll be stepping away for a while and we don’t know when he’ll come back.

If he does, it honestly might make a lot of sense that he does end up doing one more thoroughly and then that’s kind of it. And again, we don’t know what comes next. I don’t even want to sit here and speculate or come up with stupid theories,

which people have already come up with, with how to replace him or whatever, because it’s completely incentive and absolute garbage, in my opinion. The actor is obviously going through a lot, same with his entire family.Chris Hemsworth says Next Thor film will be his LastAnd this will definitely be a setback to everybody involved with everything, especially him. So it really isn’t that surprising that now we’re hearing all these reports that whatever happens, yeah, his next film is his last film.


And again, there are ways that they can get around it. Again, we know he has stunt doubles and body doubles and all that if they do the majority of the work and then they just need him to

do the up-close face shots and everything to wrap it up. I’m pretty sure you could do that and things like that, right? Like he doesn’t have to go on this crazy workout regimen and all that and get giant again.

I mean, he probably would love to because that’s his job. But again, we got to take these things just like he does, which is one day at a time.

And I think any report that comes out until we hear it officially from him, we should just take it as a scenario or speculation or something like that. When he confirms it. Marvel Studios confirms it. That’s when we’ll know something.

Up until then, it’s a wait-and-see approach, which probably makes sense on why they haven’t announced anything in relation to Thor’s future, like Thor Five, because they knew this was coming when they were shooting Limitless. So if you do the math, it kind of makes sense.

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