Are Loki and Thor gonna meet again

Chris Hemsworth quitting acting after medical diagnosis

Chris Hemsworth quitting acting after medical diagnosis

The God of Thunder himself, chris Hemsworth has taken to social media following the newest episode of The Limitless, that he will be stepping away from acting due to a pre disposable genetically based sign that is deeply connected to the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

Chris Hemsworth quitting acting after medical diagnosis

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So first and foremost, if you are not aware of what this is, it has some pretty serious implications on your future. And naturally, Chris is going to take his health into his own hands and obviously put health ahead of everything because that’s what’s most important. 

And this is one of those diseases where we know so little about. And the more we find out, the more complex and confusing it gets because your mind at a specific point in severe cases can lead to you forgetting just about everything.

 And in most cases, and people that have them, and I’ve known people that have it, they can legit forget you the day after you just hung out with them, even if you’re like their best friend and they’ve known you their entire life.

 So it’s a pretty unfortunate and horrific disease. So what’s been announced by him is that he is showing signs. And in the genetic tests that they’ve done, the signs are there. So it’s substantially increasing his risk over other tests that you can do because they took

specific tests to be able to come up with these results. So it’s one of these scenarios where honestly, it’s so tragic. 

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And obviously, Chris is still very young and he still got his whole life ahead of him. And it’s one of these things that and I want people to please take a second. Don’t be stupid in the comments. Please don’t be stupid.

 Don’t say some dumb garbage. Don’t go down there and be like, but you didn’t even like Thor oven Thunder, so why are you sad about it?

 You can separate the man who is a really good Thor and separate who he is in fact in real life and the character and what the movie was

. I’ve already seen some pretty hot garbage takes on social media when this was posted by multiple big outlets. Separate your hatred for Thor or maybe your dislike like I have for the last one,

Chris Hemsworth quitting acting after medical diagnosis

 and think of the human being here and what he’s doing, the conspiracy theory that this is also an easy out for him because he doesn’t want to be in the woke MCU or whatever, you’re just complete garbage

at that. This man as publicly now let people know that he needs a break and he needs to spend time with his family and he needs to try to get to the bottom of this because his future could legitimately be in jeopardy.

 So this has nothing to do with Thor. This has nothing to do with anything else, but it has to do with a man’s health and him taking it into his own hands and stepping away from acting for as long as he needs to. So we should all just be supportive and send our best wishes to him and hope to see him come back better than ever and then to be able to get down to the bottom of this.


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