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Chris Hemsworth addresses speculation on Avengers 5 villain, Kang the Conqueror

Chris Hemsworth addresses speculation on Avengers 5 villain, Kang the Conqueror

In interviews leading up to the Kang dynasty, marvel’s Kang actor Jonathan Majors teased confrontations with various Avengers. When asked about which heroes he wants to go toe to toe with and which ones won’t be a problem, he stated all of them at once. 

Also Thor. What’s he gonna do now? Chris Hemsworth responds, and many people believe this is him, confirming he’s returning in the Kang Hang Dynasty.

We obviously know that Chris Hemsworth is stepping away from acting for however long due to his medical condition. Now, what happens next, we don’t know. More than likely they’re going to keep Chris Hemsworth on. Now, I know people are going to bring up the whole muscle mass juicing and all this and how it’s bad for your health. Yes, it is. 

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But they can also use CG to make actors look huge now, which they do, in fact, do, and they did for Chris Hemsworth in thorough oven thunder. I mean, this has been covered by multiple people that do fitness on YouTube, so it’s an easy task. So if he wants to come back and doesn’t want to put on all the muscles, they can still pull it off. 

Chris Hemsworth addresses speculation on Avengers 5 villain,
Chris Hemsworth addresses speculation on Avengers 5 villain,
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So is he coming back? Well, Chris Hemsworth recently decided to respond to Jonathan Major, saying he wants to start with taking out Thor when it comes to the King Dynasty, teasing that, hey, you’ve never faced me before, so let’s see what happens. So is it a confirmation? 

No, but sort of like we can all assume Thor will be in either Kang Dynasty or Secret Wars. I mean, he kind of has to be in one of those, right? So confrontation with a version of Kang is a given. Does this confirm it? No, but is it a good indication that’s going to happen if we just use deductive reasoning?

Yeah, it is. And it’ll be interesting to see what exactly they do and how they position this and what happens. Look, the MCU at this point is built on why didn’t we get this, why didn’t we get that? Why didn’t this character interact with this character, why didn’t this character take care of that character?

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It’s never going to go away. And at this point, all the main Avengers will more than likely come face to face with Kang or one version of Kang. But how much time they get, remains to be seen. So we’ll see what happens next. But I would say it’s like a 90% chance they’re going to face off. There’s just no way they don’t come on. Right? We’re all on the same page here.


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