BREAKING The Flash Poster Official Revealed

BREAKING The Flash Poster Official Revealed

BREAKING The Flash Poster Official Revealed

Just moments ago, I was literally sitting on my couch. I get a notification, hey, go talk about the new Flash poster. And I was reading this absolute swamp thing. So I guess I’m going to put this down and talk about the Flash poster. So let’s see it.

Well, here it is. I’ll toss it on either one of the sides as I quickly talk about it. So it’s a good teaser poster and does exactly what a teaser poster should be doing, which is hold up a second. Tease. Big thanks coming. Obviously, this poster is not really letting it be known who Flash is. Yeah, right. Like flash is there? He’s facing off into the distance. 

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The important devil is in the details, though. Obviously, this is the key in Bat cave. The big thing here is the Bat wing right above him. Obviously, that’s iconic from Batman 89, instantly recognizable. And we see that it’s a pretty good poster in terms of balance and what they’re going for here.

BREAKING The Flash Poster Official Revealed
BREAKING The Flash Poster Official Revealed
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 Teasing that a full trailer is coming at the Super Bowl. That was accompanied when they released the poster. I think this is a pretty decent enough poster. Not one that you specifically want, like front and center in theaters, though. I think this is like that piece poster, the first one that just kind of wets the appetite. 

The Flash Poster Official Revealed

But this isn’t something that you’re going to be seeing that’s plastered everywhere because it doesn’t feature all the faces that are recognizable. So overall, I think it’s good. I think it is missing a couple of things that could make it a little better. But again, it’s the first one. 

This is kicking off the marketing set to start this weekend. And I’m genuinely excited to see how they’re going to approach this. Again, we’ve heard some pretty big claims about this film. Also, we know that there’s a lot of changes happening, which some I’ve talked about, some I will talk about soon. 

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Overall, though, I think it’s a good teaser poster. There’s nothing really big here. They didn’t drop something crazy like, oh, if you look at this corner of the poster, you’re going to see something right. There’s nothing like that here just yet, but overall, it’s as good as they could possibly get a teaser poster to look. So, yeah, it does the job. What is your guy’s opinion on it? And now I’m going to edit this and get back to reading Absolute Swamp Thing.

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So have a good Friday afternoon, everybody. Seriously, though, get on this. This is Swamp Thing you want to be on the ground floor before the film. It’s so good. It’s so good. There’s a thick boy. Too thick boy.

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