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Breaking Marvel’s Blade Finds New Writer And Director

Breaking Marvel’s Blade Finds New Writer And Director

Well, everybody, we finally got some good news related to Blade as a brand new writer and director have been brought on board, things are finally starting to look good for the daywalker.

Breaking Marvel's Blade Finds New Writer And Director

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So obviously, Marvel Studios has been searching for a new director and new writers ever since the former one stepped away a couple of months ago. At this point, we’ve known a couple of things that were happening behind the scenes.

Blade himself, Mahershala Ali, was not a fan of the script and it was set to be on the cheaper side and kind of a quick and dirty, let’s get this out the door.

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And obviously, they were trying to figure out what to do next with it and who exactly would be the perfect person for the job. Well, the good news is it’s somebody that if you’ve seen a Lovecraft Country, you’re familiar with their work. And hopefully,

I pronounced this name right, but the director will be Jan Dimanji, who was responsible recently for directing HBO’s pilot for Lovecraft Country, and he will be joined by Michael Strawberry, who will also be co-writing the script with him. And this is supposed to be an entire from-the-ground rewrite and a new direction for the character. So, again, it seems

like they have some ideas. And according to reports from what we’re hearing already from the Hollywood Reporter and others coming to add details on top of this, this thing is allegedly going to be a lot darker than the previous inception and they’re possibly looking to make this really violent and something that sticks out in the MCU.

Hence why they brought this team on, because they’re familiar with what they’ve done so far and their big pitch. So, honestly, I’m excited by this. Anything Blade, I need it. This is exciting news. I’m excited to see what happens next and what they’re going to say about this and how fast we can start getting some details.

Breaking Marvel's Blade Finds New Writer And Director

Because again, this film is coming at us in September of 2024. So they got enough time now to do a really good rewrite. Hopefully, you get this thing as tight as possible and give us honestly what we all want from Blade, which is just a good Blade film. We haven’t had one since Blade two. And I’ll argue that the TV series was good

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on Spike TV and I’ll live by that forever, but yeah, it’s time. And during that all he was involved with hand-picking these guys as well, which should be reassuring, which means he’s probably already talked to them and they all agree upon some idea that Marvel Studios likes how they’re going to hopefully execute this. So things are sounding pretty awesome.


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