Bob Odenkirk: The MCU's Next Major Player

Bob Odenkirk: The MCU’s Next Major Player

Bob Odenkirk: The MCU’s Next Major Player

Marvel Studios is always looking for actors to fill out the ranks of the evergrowing and rapidly increasing amounts of heroes and villains that they’re bringing to the big screen. So it’s not surprising that they’re going to look at one of the actors who are best known for delivering one of the shadiest yet best characters in recent memory on TV. This, of course, being better to call Saul himself Bob Odenkirk.

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I don’t think I need to explain to anybody who Bob Odin Kirk is or what better call Saul or Breaking Bad are. In case you haven’t seen either of those or don’t know who he is. You should definitely go check those out and get familiar with it. He was also the star of the action film Nobody, which has convinced many people that he’s not just good at being a scummy lawyer, he’s also great as an action star. 

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So I could see how Marvel Studios would be interested in him. And plenty of people online have now reported that, yeah, Marvel Studios is actively looking at him and are interested in him joining the MCU. We don’t know what it would be for. 

Bob Odenkirk: The MCU's Next Major Player
Bob Odenkirk: The MCU’s Next Major Player
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There are some people that have been fan casting him as Dr. Doom for quite a while and are saying that’s probably it. I’m personally not going to believe that. I don’t see him as Dr. Doom personally. Some have said it could be a supporting actor or a main actor, possibly the villain of the upcoming Wonder Man, or possibly even Vision. Again, we don’t

really know. It’s still very early. My guess would be that this news of this casting, once Variety or Deadline can confirm anything behind it and report on it with concrete evidence that we will automatically know who he’s playing because they’re going to dig deep and figure it out. 

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They got the pull in Hollywood to figure this one out. Whatever he ends up playing in the MCU, maybe it’s a robot, I don’t know. I think it’s going to be good, honestly. Like, very talented actor, always puts his best foot forward. He can do anything you ask of him. 

Action. Serious comedy slapstick, like, whatever you need. The man is so talented. I truly believe if they get him, it’s going to be one of those things where you just let the man act his chops off and chew the scenes and you get gold. Just like they did with Jonathan Majors in A Loki. Like, you give them five minutes to talk and cut a promo, he’s going to deliver one of the best that you’re going to be standing up, clapping at your TV, wanting to go watch whatever he’s doing next. 

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Like, I can’t wait. I hope they lock him down and that they can work out whatever terms for whoever he’s going to be playing as long as it’s not going to be something that’s like a throwaway that would disappoint me. Don’t make it a little cameo or something. If you’re going after Odenkirk. You lock him in for something good.

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