Black Panther Wakanda Forever W’Kabi’s Role

Black Panther Wakanda Forever W’Kabi’s Role

Black Panther Wakanda Forever W Kabi Role

Depending on who you ask, marvel Studios’ Wakanda Forever was either missing a key major character or a character you’ve forgotten. It goes one way or the other. So let’s talk about the rhino farmer.

Look, I’m I’ll be real with you, I’m probably going to botch his name, but, yeah, you guys all know who I’m talking about, the character of Wakabi.

Black Panther Wakanda Forever W’Kabi’s Role

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We, of course, learned earlier this year that the character did not, in fact, make a return due to specific logistics behind the scenes.

These logistics were the actor had other commitments and another job, and when they were producing Black Panther, it was still during the whole Pandemic era, so it was kind of hard to bring him back.

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So Daniel revealed that, essentially, yeah, he’s not in the film because, well, I couldn’t be there. But they did actually discuss the characters whereabouts and what could have happened with him.

He does reveal that they actually discussed multiple things in regards to what was going on, along with his akoya actress herself talks a little bit about it, since obviously the two characters are connected in the MCU, as they were both shown to be in the first film.

And she revealed that there is stuff that happens,

there’s obviously stuff that’s happened in between the films that they obviously decided not to touch upon because the actor is not there.
Ryan Cougar then actually followed this up by saying he believes that what happens with the character is that he was banished from Wakanda.

And because there’s one line where they reference that he’s still alive, this is what they’re going with.

You’re banished beyond the borders because of what you did and who you stood along with. So, honestly, I think this is good.

Black Panther Wakanda Forever W’Kabi’s Role
leaves the door open. I certainly would like to see the character come back, because the actor is tremendous, but again, you have other obligations and those obviously come first.

Would you rather play rhino farmer or be a star of a film yet? That’s what I thought. So, yeah, honestly, that’s kind of cool that they did put a little mention in there and they’re teasing.

Look, we don’t want to spoil too much, but what we can tell you is he’s banished. And who knows? I think they’re leaving

the door open and realistically, there’s a chance you could bring him back.

I mean, he’s banished, so who says he’s not going to align himself up with another faction and maybe show up in one of the TV series or something like that?

Like a renegade faction of exiles from Wakanda. That’s a very cool concept I would love to see explored even more. So why not? I’m down for it. And it seems like that there’s no bad blood between anybody involved. Let’s hope so.

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