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black panther Wakanda Forever post credit scene

black panther Wakanda Forever post credit scene

The worldwide premiere of Black Panther Wakanda Forever went down, and some details in regard to the film have started to hit the Internet.

 One is sure to leave a lot of people disappointed as there is only one post-credit scene in this film and it’s the mid-credits scene.

black panther Wakanda Forever post credit scene

So if you guys want to avoid spoilers, please don’t check comments or anything like that. Somebody will spoil it. I’m trying to go into the sublime, 

so I have no idea what happens in any of this film. I’m trying to ignore the post-credit scene and everything associated with it. 

But from my understanding and talking to two people I personally know who were at the premiere, and who watched the film, they told me directly, yeah, 

there’s only one post-credit scene. I went online just to confirm this with a couple more people, and it’s true.

 And I confirmed it with somebody I know who works at Marble. So, again, this is true. There is only one post-credit scene, and it’s a mid-credits scene in the film.

 There is nothing that happens if you sit through all the credits. Now, I will say that I’m not disappointed by this, 

whatever it turns out to be, whether the rumors are true that it’s Doctor Doom or not, whether the rumors are true that it could possibly be Storm or other Xmen, whatever it is, I’m

black panther Wakanda Forever post credit scene

not going to judge the whole film by it. I never do. It’s just post-credit scenes. It’s meant to tease what comes next, 

which I’m cool with. My only, I guess, disappointment in this is the fact that we heard previously that there were two, but this came from insiders, and we’re so used to getting two that now when it feels like we don’t get it,

 we all feel disappointed because one is typical, hey, let’s wrap up a couple of things here and hint towards something. And the second one is typically the one that’s like, oh, that’s going to pay off.

 So who knows why there’s only one here? In my opinion, it’s probably because they want this film to stand as its own sort of, you know,

 tribute to everybody involved here and not overshadow what you just saw, which obviously is a film that has to pick up the pieces after the passing of the lead actor of the previous one. 

So I can kind of respect this decision, and I do, and I think that’s why. So overall, we’ll see what it is. Again, do yourself a

black panther Wakanda Forever post credit scene

favor and don’t look it up. Somebody’s probably leaked it out there or something. I’m going to try to go into this blind. I think many of you guys will as well. We’ll see what happens. But just know that there’s only one scene, so you don’t have to sit till after the credits roll when you go see the film in about two weeks now,

 I think. Something like that. Well, it depends. I’ll where you live. It’s less than two weeks, but yeah.



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