Black Panther Wakanda forever bombed

Black Panther Wakanda forever bombed

Black Panther Wakanda forever bombed

We now know exactly how hard Black Panther Wakanda forever bombed. Building up suspense here. Hold up a second. It didn’t. Well, despite what some corners of the Internet might try to tell you, the official breakdown of all the financials is out, thanks to Deadline, and they have the complete rundown of the exact profit margins and how much the film made in pure profit. 

So the film made 454,000,000 domestically in the US and 389,000,000 internationally, for a worldwide total of just shy of 860,000,000. This puts the film 500 million behind the first Black Panther, which, again, I think a lot of people expected here, but we get into the very nitty gritty details here. 

Black Panther Wakanda forever bombed
Black Panther Wakanda forever bombed
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So in addition to making 155,000,000 in home entertainment revenue, aka Blu-ray, DVD, and all that, it also made 170,000,000 on TV and streaming distribution deals. So you’re looking at the original 859,000,000 plus 155, plus another 170. 

So how big was the profit margin? Once you add all that up, take out the cost of, obviously the theatrical cut and everything else, like the marketing and everything? Well, the good news is Black Panther Wakanda Forever made a profit of $259,000,000, and the original made $476.8 million. Now, the one thing that’s interesting to note here is that the budget for Wakanda Forever was quite larger compared to the first film. 

The original film had a production budget of 200 million, while the sequel had 250,000,000 on top of bigger advertising. Because the nature of it is, the more you spend on development, the more you spend on marketing. We’ve covered this.

 So, yeah, ultimately, the film is one of the more successful Disney films in the last couple of years, turning around a pretty big profit, all things considered. And on top of this, again, it’s not reported here and you got to generally wait a couple of years, but the action figures for Wakanda Forever sold pretty well, as expected, as most Marvel things do.

 And that’s expected to be another pretty nice sum of money that obviously converts into total profits because of everything related to it and the Lego sets and all that. So, again, the film seems pretty profitable, despite what people online were saying, and that the film didn’t make a billion and that’s what it needed to make some sort of profit. That was never true, because nobody ever believed that, 

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