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Black Panther talks to Wakanda Forever star Namoro

Black Panther talks to Wakanda Forever star Namoro

Just who exactly is Namor the submariner? And how is he going to compare to the previous villain of Black Panther,

 aka Killmonger? Well, Namor himself has a few things to say about this and how the characters are similar yet different.

Black Panther talks to Wakanda Forever star Namoro
Black Panther talks to Wakanda Forever star Namoro

So how exactly are the two characters different? Well, the obvious is one is a fish man, and one is not Yea, in case that wasn’t obvious.

I know, I know. Anyways, in an interview with Total Film, Huerta, who plays Marvel’s name or talked a little bit about the comparisons that people have been making. 

And he says that he hopes that when the fans and audiences get to all see Namor on the big screen, that they gravitate toward understanding why he does what he does,

 the actions behind everything, and that maybe he’s a great antagonist and also a person that you can love and you understand his reasoning and why maybe he’s not the ultimate bad guy. 

And then he was asked about the comparison directly to Killmonger and he said that he was a great antagonist and by the end of the film. People really engaged with him and found some way that they could actually see what he was doing made sense from his point of view and how he got there. 

And that ultimately they really loved the character and

didn’t hate him as a villain. And he said that he really hopes that the people gravitate towards Namor in this same manner and that their love for Namor is there. 

So I think what he’s saying here, without saying it, is obvious. It’s right there in front of you. And that looks, there are other forces at work here, 

just like Kilmonger. We see what made him who he is, how the world twisted him and what his reasons are. And if you look at it, you go, you know what? Yeah, 

what he’s doing kind of makes sense from his point of view. He’s not a Red Skull or an Ultron or somebody like that who’s just out there for pure evil.

 He had a personal belief that from very early on in his life affected his mentality and what he thought was right. And he fights for that one thing. And even at the end, he realizes, maybe I went a little too far, but still, 

I’m trying to do what is best for me and my people. It looks like Namor is going to do the same thing. So ultimately it sounds like he’s going to live

to see another day and well, eventually come back around and possibly even be a hero, which, realistically, is Namor at his core. So this really works.


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