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Batman Kevin Conroy has passed away

Batman Kevin Conroy has passed away

It is one of those Post where the news is nothing good. And unfortunately, it’s tragic at that. We just found out that Batman himself, Kevin Conroy, has passed away.

So this news just hit the web. Kevin Conroy passed away at the age of 66.

Batman Kevin Conroy has passed away

Most of us, I think, on this website, especially when I look at the analytics, grew up watching Batman The Animated Series. His voice, to many of us, is Batman.

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He is Batman. Just as much as many of us hear Mark Hamill as the Joker, they go hand in hand with the series. Certainly, if you’ve never watched that, chances are you played the Arkham Games where he again voiced Batman.

Really? Just like a voice in a generation,man.Just talking about it’s. Kind of like hitting the Batman that I grew up with, the Batman I looked up to, the Batman that got me into the DC universe more than anything after I fell in love with Batman 89 and Batman Forever is gone.

To many of us, there will never be a better Batman voice. I don’t think I’m alone at that. He defined Batman. And that Animated Series is just next level.

You know, you can still go back today and watch it, and it holds up tremendously. And it gave us so many things that propelled DC to where they are today and spawned a sequel that’s beloved by people my age. Again,

Batman Kevin Conroy has passed away

honestly, I don’t know what to say. You probably notice after I pause this video, there’s probably some jumbled cuts a couple of times just because it was kind of hard. It’s another one of those.


It’s like Stanley, when that happens, just emotion hits you because you remember so many things. And I remember walking by him a couple of years ago just at my hotel in a convention. Dude was so friendly. Stopping by to talk to everybody, shake hands, rest in peace, Kevin Conroy.

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