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Aubrey Plaza Joins the MCU

Aubrey Plaza Joins the MCU

Well, that’s some pretty big news right ahead of the start of production of the upcoming Disney spinoff Slash. 

Aubrey Plaza Joins the MCU

I guess you could kind of view it as a standalone series as well. Agatha Coven of Chaos, it’s about to enter production this month and they just cast Aubrey Plaza in an undisclosed mystery role.

So some of you might have actually forgotten that this is not going to be Aubrey Plaza’s first role. She’s already played a character in the, 

well, I guess the Xmen Universe, because she played a character that was very important to the character of Legion. In Legion. 

Yeah, I remember Legion. People don’t. So this news was confirmed by Variety and also Deadline, and what they know is that she will reportedly be playing a villain in the series and be opposed by Katherine Han herself,

 who is obviously once again playing Agatha. There is already speculation on who she could be playing. Some people are even saying, 

could she be playing the same character she already played? Like they could multiverse it like they did Evan Peters, but probably not since they were down on that one, and ended up being a dumb joke. 

So we’ll see what happens. I’m excited. I legitimately like her as an actress. I think she’s great, and super talented. She brings her best to every role I’ve seen her in, which is quite

a lot, honestly. So I’m excited. I just want to know what this show is going to be about. Obviously, we know it’s about covens and witchcraft, 

Aubrey Plaza Joins the MCU

but I want to know some more of the inner workings and the bigger plot here of what elements they’re going to try to pull from, 

I guess real life and what happened here and what direction you could go in. And could they also be pulling in some of the other famous witches that she could possibly be a descendant of or even directly playing them?

 I think personally, Morgan Le Fay is probably out of the question since they already used her over on the Runaways. But you never know.

 They could honestly double down and make her descendant or something or relative or even roll that in. So I guess we’ll find out soon. Something is bound to leak sooner rather than later, since, as I said, production is set to start real soon.

 So this is pretty good. Maybe she could be Satana since they outright aren’t ever going to acknowledge that Hellstrom existed.

Maybe ghost Rider. That’s just one to upset people. She’s not going to play Ghost Rider.


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