Are they replacing Henry in The Witcher

Well, guys, we got some big breaking news in relation to Henry Cavell’s insane last couple of weeks. 

We know he’s back as Superman, but I guess this is one of those things gotta get balanced out.

 You can only play one big character in a mega franchise. So he is no longer Geralt of Riviaa, and he will now be just Superman while William Hemsworth becomes Geralt.

Are they replacing Henry in The Witcher

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So many of you know I am rather obsessed with the witcher franchise. Not so much the TV series, and it’s more about the books and the games and the comics. For me, I love the witcher. 

Season one. I thought it was honestly pretty decent. Sometimes a little slow. But again, they were trying to find their footing. The best part of the entire series, in my opinion, was always Henry Cavill. 

I thought he honestly was a perfect geralt. I remember I was one of the only people that was excited when he was cast as Geraldton. Those first photos came out because I said, 

why don’t we just not judge it by that three second clip of his reveal? And wait till you see his performance because the guy loves the witcher. 

So it was kind of, I guess, shocking today to find out that he’s officially leaving one of his favorite franchises behind.

 And it was announced by Netflix that, yes, officially the witcher is coming back for season four. Cavill is out and William Hemsworth is in.

I don’t want to say I’m conflicted. I’m actually happy that Henry Cavill was out because I’ll be right with you. 

I didn’t watch season two and I have no interest in anymore just because I don’t care. And I would rather see him as Superman than more geralt, because I thought Netflix and how much they spend on the show,

Are they replacing Henry in The Witcher

 the quality just isn’t there to where it should be. And honestly, he’s going to be way better, in my opinion, as Superman full time than this. And I think it’s pretty safe to say that the witcher ain’t getting season five, right?

I’m not crazy about this, right? Liam Hemsworth, I haven’t talked about him. I don’t think anybody’s talked about him since. 

Was he the one that dated Miley Cyrus? I’m not really sure. I don’t care. Whatever, though. I’m super hyped for Caval, though. Leaving this and becoming Superman full time, that’s what it indicates to me. 

And also the fact that recent people that left the witcher writing team revealed that Netflix and the people working on it now actively said, we’re not gonna follow the books or the games and those aren’t important and we’re doing our own thing. 

That’s probably another reason that Kabul took off, because it’s literally one of his favorite franchises of all time. And if you’re going to take that big of a dump on it, the man wants out. 

Henry Cavill every day, proving why he’s the man. Yeah, good riddance to the witcher. I’ll never watch you past what I watched, but I will gladly support Cavillas. Superman.


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