The Flash

Are they replacing Ezra Miller as The Flash

Are they replacing Ezra Miller as The Flash

Some new reports are coming out that the future of The Flash is definitely a new actor taking on the role of Barry Allen.

And what we’re hearing is that WB is going to wait till after The Flash is out to reveal the new casting of the brand new Stark moving forward and that they will, in fact be showing up in The Flash Two for their first outing.

Are they replacing Ezra Miller as The Flash

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So from a PR standpoint, everything here makes sense. You do not want to announce that the big star of one of your biggest and most expensive films that you are putting out as a studio has been recast before the film is out.

That’s just going to draw a lot of attention on the film. And also the PR nightmare that would be having Ezra Miller on interviews, being asked about being fired and replaced. That’s just completely out of the question.

So what we’re hearing now is that it’s essentially true that they’re already looking at other actors and they’re going to recast The Flash. They’re going to recast Barry Allen and move forward with a new actor.

One that’s hopefully not going to be such a headache and have such a. Well. Let’s just say a magnifying glass on them because everything they seem to do gets reanalyzed and shines new light onto all the problems.

Again, from WB’s perspective and standpoint, this all makes sense. Now, of course, what this ultimately means is that they’re not going

to announce anything soon, but recasting The Flash really does seem like their best choice, their best option, and the only thing you can really do if you want as remote out of the picture. And I think that if you were to suddenly come out right now and announce that this is your intention.

That draws a lot more negative light onto your film. Despite what good you might be doing and saying. Hey. We realize that the problem is here.

Are they replacing Ezra Miller as The Flash

We’re getting rid of Ezra. Don’t worry about it. Then you’re going to get the other side of the backlash. And it’s just going to be a completely muddled mess in terms of PR and everything.

So waiting on this does make a lot of sense, and I think it honestly paints a picture of they understanding what they have here and what they’re doing, and they can’t sacrifice a film that’s going to cost $600 million to put out.

When you combine the budget of the original shoot, the reshoots, and the marketing, this film’s gotta make at least 900 million to break even. At this

point, they can’t come up against all sorts of other controversies and problems up against it. It’s just not going to happen.

So I 100% believe that this is the case and all the reports we’re hearing is all true. There’s no way you stick with Ezra unless everything gets put aside. And then even then, this giant history of everything is going to be right behind you, and you don’t want that.

Especially when you’re actively going to have again Amber heard out there, and everybody’s going to be questioning why you fired Johnny Depp after an accusation. One accusation, but still let this two stick around and continue. Franchising. It’s a PR nightmare.


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