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Anthony Mackie says Captain America is Not about Fighting

Anthony Mackie says Captain America is Not about Fighting –In a recent interview related to his most recent project, aka Twisted Metal, Captain America, Anthony Mackey was asked about his growth as Cap and specifically what Sam Wilson is going to be like since the last time we saw him. And he drops an interesting piece of detail that goes into how Captain America is holding back. So once again, this comes at us from Anthony Mackey.

Anthony Mackie says Captain America is Not about Fighting

Anthony Mackie says Captain America is Not about Fighting

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And he revealed that when it comes to the differences between Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson, that’s going to factor into how he handles his character and what his character is doing. And he says, unlike Steve Rogers, we see Sam, he’s not superpowered. He can die pretty easily compared to super soldiers.

So he is going to be a lot more about talking and a little bit less about fighting, unless the situation calls for it, because he understands how this could go and that this also takes it all the way around to the whole military background and everything.

And they wanted to give the character a different feel, a sense of growth, and what they’re doing in terms of the character and where we last saw him, which I think is all fair. Again, I don’t think anybody expects Sam Wilson to be the same as Steve Rogers.

That’s not the point of either character. They’re completely different characters called Captain America. So I’m definitely interested in this aspect a little bit more.

The fact that he’s not all about fighting, as he says, that his cap is going to be a little bit more, hey, let me think this through. Let me weigh my options here, because if I get punched really hard once, they can shatter my ribs. I don’t have this chest that you get punched.

You just go, let me brush that off. Right? So I like this approach. It makes him more human, which, again, he’s not a super soldier, so he is.

So it will be interesting to see just what they do with this, how they promote his Captain America in terms of the powers behind him, because he doesn’t really have him. It’s all about his wings, his ability, toss, the shield, and whatever tech he has built in, thanks to the Wakandans. So this definitely gives him a different feel and a different alternative method to be Captain America in a different way.

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