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Anthony Mackey, aka Captain America himself, says that a reunion

Anthony Mackey, aka Captain America himself

Anthony Mackey, aka Captain America himself, says that a reunion with Bucky Barnes, aka Sebastian Stan, is coming. It’s inevitable. It’s going to happen, despite the fact that he doesn’t actually know if it will happen.

Anthony Mackey, aka Captain America himself

 He just says it has to.So this comes at us from an interview that Sam Wilson, Anthony Mackey, did with Distractify. And he was talking about the ending of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, how it sets up the next chapter for Sam Wilson. 

Which, of course, will be Captain America new world order. And also what it does for the next chapter of Sebastian Stands, aka the Winter Soldiers Life and MCU journey. And he says that he currently doesn’t know any plants that are in motion. 

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He doesn’t really know what’s happening. But he says considering the fact that the two work together so well, that they’re friends, that their story is intertwined and still connected to the lineage of Captain America, that inevitably these two are going to cross paths. 

And when it happens, it’s going to be something that’s pretty awesome. And he’s excited about it. But again, he wants to stress he doesn’t know when it’s happening or if he just knows it’s going to happen. So what he’s saying here is, hey, we’re not stupid anymore. 

We can tell that in the Avengers films. We’re going to cross over. We’re going to meet each other again. Even if it’s a few lines we just toss back and forth at one another. 

We’re going to be together again. We’re going to see each other again. And that chemistry will be there. And honestly, yeah, it’s going to happen. He doesn’t have to be told that in the Avengers film. They’re all going to team up, right? Like it’s literally inevitable. 

Anthony Mackey, aka Captain America himself

It’s going to happen. That’s the point of all the team-up moves. And I think many people will want to see that because once you have Sam doing his own story and not involving one of his best friends and then you see where Bucky is, you’re going to miss that dynamic because they’re each going to be having their own problems in their own future.

 Story play out in different parts of the MCU. So when they meet up, it’s going to be again how it was when Captain America Steve Rogers got to meet up with Bucky. There was that great moment of them showing each other respect. Me and you, we both end up here again together. It’s going to happen again. 

It’s probably going to be great. I hope they handle it as well as the Falcon and the Winter Soldier, because in my opinion, that was some of the best moments for both characters in the MCU.


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