andy serkis talk about why he isn't directing venom 3

andy serkis talk about why he isn’t directing venom 3

Andy Serkis talk about Why He Isn’t Directing Venom 3

With the better reception of venom. Letter B. Carnage. A lot of people figured it was a surefire dung deal that Andy Circus would be returning to direct Venom Three, considering he expressed a lot of interest during the tour. As it turns out, he was replaced. So let’s talk about exactly why he decided not to return.

andy serkis talk about why he isn't directing venom 3

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So this comes at us from an interview that Andy Circus did with Slash Film, and he talked a little bit about the new director taking over, who of course, was involved with both Venom One and Two, and she now will be taking over the third one. 

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But when they got on the subject of his experience and why he’s not coming back, he revealed that first and foremost, it’s nothing against anybody in the film. He’s good friends with Tom Hardy. He’s proud of the work he did. He liked that he got to jump into the franchise and handle Carnage, who’s a huge fan favorite to many people. 

But he says that there was a lot of things that kind of led to this decision and the direction that he’s going in, as opposed to the direction that he would have been going in had he directed Venom Three.

And he says that one of the deciding factors was the multiple delays to Venom Two, but also the fact that in the meantime, he took on a couple different projects that he’s involved with. And if he wanted to commit to Venom

Three, then these projects would have to be cleared off the schedule, meaning he has to produce them or straight up quit out on them. 

And again, he signed contracts which could be problematic and makes him look bad to other studios. So in essence, time was really against him because if they want to get Venom Three, when they want to get it out, they have to start on the schedule that they set forth. 

andy serkis talk about why he isn't directing venom 3

He can’t commit to it because of other circumstances. And if he does, then he’s not sure he would be able to get everything else done in time and what happens with other things that might suffer delays or something else. So ultimately,

 his decision was, I can’t do this because there’s just other commitments that I took in the meantime. Again, Venom Two shot so long before the release of the film, the second film, obviously not the third film, because the third film is not out yet, that it was a given that he was going to move on and not be able to do it just because he’s such a busy person.

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So this kind of makes sense. And it’s good to know that there’s no bad blood anywhere in there and it’s not some sort of, like, malicious reason that he left. Like, he left on good terms. He just couldn’t commit to it because of other obligations and commitments

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