Adam Driver cast as MCU Reed Richards

Adam Driver cast as MCU Reed Richards in Fantastic Four Reportedly

So according to reports that have been around for a while and nobody’s debunked yet, including people related to the actual situation, adam Driver is reportedly in talks or has been cast as Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four.

Adam Driver, probably most well known for his role as Hill Ren in the Star Wars trilogy, is reportedly in talks and has already been cast, and they’re just waiting to announce it as Reed Richards. 

Now, again, this would effectively make him the proper MCU six-one-six Marvel Studios version of Reed Richards. So this would obviously be a recasting of the one we got in Doctor Strange in the multiverse of Madness, in Adam Driver cast as MCU Reed Richards

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which we’ve heard countless times that he’s not staying on board. But again,

 until Marvel Studios confirms it, we don’t know. Now, when it comes to Kylo being brought up, aka Adam Driver is potentially Mr. Fantastic, everybody automatically jumps on. He’s probably Dr. Doom. But the obvious reason everybody jumps on to that is that, 

well, Kylo kylie was inspired by Darth Vader. Darth Vader was directly inspired by Dr. Doom. So I see that connection and people automatically think he’d be a good villain. But in case you guys haven’t seen any other thing Adam Driver has been in, he is super

talented like I’m talking once-in-a-generation type actor who can do whatever you want of him. He transforms and becomes that character. And if he was to get cast as Reed Richards,

 I personally think that is a magnificent casting. Like, that’s probably the best Reed Richard casting they could have done. That unexpected will be controversial, and he has an uphill battle to prove everybody wrong.

 And then when he does, it’s one of those things where everybody goes, of course, we knew he was going to be good. I mean, nobody ever let me just delete these tweets, you know what I’m saying? 

It’s that type of effect. So we’ll see. Again, we’re hearing that this has been something that’s been in the works for a while, that he’s met with Marvel Studios, that they’ve made the offer, 

that he’s potentially taking it, but nobody can confirm it. I would say when a big trade starts reporting on it, then we can kind of take it for what it’s worth, which is more legit. But from all we know,

Adam Driver cast as MCU Reed Richards

and since this film isn’t coming out till 2025, it’s going to be a long time until we hear about it. More than likely,

 it’s going to be right before shooting starts, which will be at some point in late 2023, early 2024. So we got quite a bit of ways to go, and I wouldn’t expect them to announce it anytime soon. 

US he’s going to make an appearance somewhere else then. It’s the Kang scenario where they made it because of a deliberate choice.


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